Graduate survey

Dear Graduate of the MS in Educational Technology Program at Eastern Connecticut State University:

It has been nearly ten years since Crispin Andrew Fresco-Hawes became the first graduate of the Master of Science degree program in educational technology at Eastern. Since then, you have joined the over 120 alumni of our program.

We would like to find out whether you have found the coursework and experiences in our program to have added to your educational and professional development. We are also interested in finding out whether you might be interested in participating in a reception in your honor during graduation week 2013 at Eastern.

Might you please spend a few minutes completing a short survey? CTRL-Click here to access the SURVEY –

(A quick link to this survey may also be found at , the homepage of our program’s website.)

Your responses and comments will strengthen our program.

Hope to see you soon. Please let me know if you have any questions on this survey by contacting me at or by calling me at 860-465-5501.

David L. Stoloff, Ph.D., Professor, Educational Technology
Eastern Connecticut State University

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MS in Educational Technology Electronic Portfolio

Master of Science in Educational Technology Program Electronic Portfolio

All master’s candidates completing the Master of Science in Educational Technology at Eastern Connecticut State University must complete a Comprehensive Electronic Portfolio assessment reflecting their competencies in fulfilling the standards outlined in the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and Performance Indicators for the Educational Technology Foundations for All Teachers, found at, and the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching. This is an additional requirement beyond the EDU 570: Capstone Seminar portfolio.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of materials–bound in a single document–that shows what candidates know and are able to do as teachers. It is a picture of professional competence–a detailed snapshot of candidates’ unique skills, understandings, and dispositions. All portfolios will be quite different, as they represent the distinct abilities of individual candidates. However, there are elements common to each. In the portfolio, candidates must demonstrate their acquisition of competencies outlined in the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and Performance Indicators for the Educational Technology Foundations for All Teachers and the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching.

The Educational Technology electronic portfolio contains the following sections:

1) cover page and table of contents,

2) matrix documenting the candidate’s fulfillment of the standards, referencing page numbers within the narrative or exhibits in the portfolio,

3) resume,

4) narrative – responding to the five themes of the ISTE and CCT standards with references to classroom applications and graduate studies,

5) statement of professional goals,

6) a curricular project developed using educational technology applications with a detailed description of the process of development, implementation with students, evaluation, and revision, and

7) collection of other documents–samples of professional work, drawn from classes and teaching experiences, which demonstrate specific competencies.

The documents comprise the largest section of the portfolio and may include such items as lesson plans, curriculum webs, constructed instructional materials, samples of children’s work, photographs of classroom activities, software reviews, resource files, and other artifacts that show candidates’ abilities. All entries in a portfolio are authentic–that is, they are drawn from real life situations and reflect candidates’ very best thinking and teaching.

For more information about electronic portfolios for the MS in Ed Tech program, please download the Eastern CSU’s MS in Educational Technology electronic portfolio guidelines.

For examples of recent (Spring 2012) distinctive electronic portfolios, please link to

Jeremy Anderson –

Jennifer Carlstrom –

As we know, technology is continually progressing, so every year we would expect even more impressive electronic portfolios.

Here’s a list of the first 122 graduates of Eastern’s MS in Educational Technology program.

Please let Dr. David Stoloff, Professor, Education Department, Eastern Connecticut State University know if you have any questions on the MS in Ed Tech program at ECSU.

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Hello world!

Please leave comments or questions here.  David Stoloff –

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Graduates of MS in Ed Tech, Eastern CSU

Graduates of the Master of Science in Educational Technology Program

at Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

Lead Faculty Members:

Dr. David L. Stoloff, email:

Dr. Cathy Tannahill, email:

1) Crispin Andrew Fresco-Hawes – May 2003

2) Andrea Jasion – August 2003
Thesis Project:  The Effects of Interactive Websites to Enhance Learning
of Multiplication Facts

3) Karen Urgitis – August 2003
Thesis Project:  The Effects of an Online Technology Course to Develop
Computer Experts among Middle School Students

4) Michelle Bibeault – December 2003
The Effects of Class Web Sites to Increase Home/School Communication

May 2004 Graduates

5) Robyn Sullivan McKenney – May 2004

The Effects of Sustained, Individualized Technology Professional Development with a Classroom Teacher on the Acquisition of Content and Technology Skills of Third Grade Students Engaged in a Multi-Disciplinary Study of the Arctic

6) Sally J. Bradnan – May 2004 –
Distinctive Comprehensive Portfolio

7) James Stephan Hendricks, Jr. – May 2004

8. Richard D. Hendricks – May 2004

May 2005 Graduates

9) Jamie S. Owen – May 2005

10) Maria Z. Porter – May 2005

11) Dorothy M. Potter – May 2005

12) Robert J. Papetti – May 2005 – thesis project – Using Graphic Novels to Motivate Reluctant Readers

December 2005 Graduates

13) Eric Clark – December 2005

14) Mark Danaher – December 2005

15) Virginia Jacoby – December 2005

16) Erika LaBella – December 2005 – Distinctive Comprehensive Portfolio

17) Steven Rioux – December 2005 – Distinctive Comprehensive Portfolio

May 2006 Graduates

18) Lindsey (Boardman) Duerr – May 2006 –
Thesis Project – The Effects of School District Socioeconomic Characteristics
and Minority Enrollment on Teacher Uses of Instructional Technology in the
State of Ohio

19) Ken Goodale – May 2006

20) Donna Lynch – May 2006

21) Mariella Luginbuhl – May 2006

22) Shelly Ann Manning – May 2006

23) Maureen McNally – May 2006

24) Duncan Sabean – May 2006

25) Carl Weber – May 2006

December 2006 Graduates

26) Steven Fletcher – December 2006 – Distinctive Comprehensive Portfolio

27) Dawn Darche – December 2006

28) Chris Hargus – December 2006

29) Bridget Krauss – December 2006

30) Jo Ellen Niedeck – December 2006

31) Mary Ramondetta – December 2006

32) Catherine Seaver – December 2006 – Distinctive Comprehensive Portfolio

33) Jean Stafford-Hohler – December 2006 – Distinctive Comprehensive Portfolio

34) Ellen Weiss – December 2006

May 2007 Graduates

35) Susan Burdick

36) Robert Coughlin

37) Paul Deal

38) Karen Groves

39) Christine Laverty

40) Ruth Rose

41) Kevin Smith

42) Brian Stevenson

43) Douglas vonHollen

December 2007 Graduates

44) Joanne Marie Boulais

45) Marcia I. Catalano

46) Donna O. Delany

47) Abraham John Krisst

48) Erin E. McDonald

49) Debra Anne Weir

May 2008 Graduates

50) George H. Adams 

51) Jason J. Arnauckas

52) Donna M. Bourque

53) Carolyn Christessen

54) Gretchen Grudier

55) Patricia W. Holmes

56) Amy Ingalls

57) Robert H. Ives 

58) Cindy L. Ives

59) Ellen Theresa Mead

60) Megan Clapp

61) Robert John Powers

62) Theresa Purdie

63) Mary Elise Raboin

64) Himanshu Rai

65) Margaret Tarbox    

66) Tom Collins

67) Martin A. Waltuch

68) Kelly F.Watrous

Summer 2008 graduates

69) Rebecca Cormier

70) Kelly Hagymasi

71) Beverly J. King

72) Sita Koirala

73) Feliu E. Morales

74) Mary Onacilla

Fall 2008 graduates

75) Jason M. Henry

76) Janet M. Jensen

77) Beth A. Johnson

78) Michelle M. Savoyski

Spring 2009 graduates

 79) John W. Cote

80) Kelley Creighton

81) Adam Koropatkin

82) Brian Martel

83) Danielle Schwass

84) Kathy Waddington –

85) Cyndy Wells –

Summer 2009 graduates

 86) Ryan Ericson

87) Michael Huda

88) Cynthia Kopencey

Fall 2009 graduates

 89) Jeffrey Daddio

Spring 2010 graduates

90) Kenneth  Briggs

91) Alysha Carmody –

92) Tom Doyle

93) Danielle Quinlan

94) Mark Renner

95) John Tyszka

Summer 2010 graduates

 96) Laurie Haddock

97) Susanne Pearson –

Fall 2010 graduates

98) Adrianne Kelly

99) Robert Chambers

100) Julie Kunzelman

Spring 2011 graduates

101) Cristi Duprey

102) Matthew John Zagura

Summer 2011 Graduates

103) Catherine M. Carter

104) Karin A. Cournoyer

105) Rachel S. Gaivoto

106) Kelly W. Gillette

107) Kimberly O. Hebb 

108) Meaghan E. Kehoegreen 

109) Lance B. Rothstein –             

110 ) Deborah L. Sharpe

Fall 2011

111) Colleen E. Smith

112)  Joan E. Spector

113) Angelo Trombino

Spring 2012

114) Jeremy Anderson –

115) Jennifer Carlstrom –

116) Kerri Fitzsimons

117) Paul Zhitomi

Summer 2012

118) Lois Aime 

119) Nancy Collidge –

120) Andrew Minor –

121) Adam Phaiah

122) Russell W. Sherman

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